I. plan plan 1 [plæn] verb planned PTandPPX planning PRESPARTX
1. [intransitive, transitive] to think carefully about something you want to do in the future, and decide exactly how you will do it:

• We've been planning this visit for months — you can't cancel now.

• The whole operation went exactly as planned

• A business must plan ahead (= make plans for a long time in the future ) , making use of sales and market forecasts.

2. [transitive] to intend to do something:

• The company is planning a major investment programme.

plan to do something

• The company plans to spend $739.9 million on capital improvements next year.

  [m0] II. plan plan 2 noun [countable]
1. a set of actions for achieving something in the future, especially one that has been considered carefully and in detail:

• the government's five-year economic plan

plan for

• The company's plans for growth are threatened by their inability to find, keep, and manage key staff.

plan to do something

• The President is working on a plan to turn around the economy (= make the economy successful again ) .

• The two companies had considered merging some years earlier, but the plan fell through (= the plan was not completed ) .

• If everything goes according to plan (= happens in the way that was arranged ) , the first stage of the project will be completed by December.

ˈaction ˌplan
a list of the things that you need to do in order to achieve something or to deal with a problem :

• The board is drawing up an action plan to improve the company's financial management systems.

ˈbusiness ˌplan FINANCE ACCOUNTING
a document produced by a company, especially a new company, giving details of expected sales and costs, and how the business can be financed, and showing why the plan will make money:

• To raise the cash they need, managers will be required to give their bankers a three-year business plan.

conˈtingency ˌplan
a plan for dealing with a future event or situation that might cause problems:

• We tried to ensure that the company prepared an adequate oil spill contingency plan.

ˈparty plan MARKETING
a method of selling goods, such as Cosmetics or products for the home, in which people are invited to a party and shown examples of the goods for sale:

• The party plan was developed for the Tupperware company in the early 1950s.

2. plan B your second plan, which you will use if things do not happen as you expect:

• Always have a plan B in case your original choice of career does not work out.

3. something you have decided to do or achieve:

• His plan is to get a degree in economics and then work abroad for a year.

• What are yourcareer plans?

• There's been a change of plan. The meeting's on Monday instead of this afternoon.

• The developerhas plans for 625 homes (= intends to build 625 homes ) northwest of the airport.

4. PROPERTY a drawing of a building, room, or machine as it would be seen from above, showing the shape, measurements, position of the walls etc:

• a floor-by-floor plan of the three-storey building.

ˈfloor plan PROPERTY
a drawing of the shape of a room or building and the position of things in it, as seen from above
ˈplot plan
PROPERTY a plan showing how a piece of land is being used or is going to be used
5. a drawing that shows exactly how something will be arranged

* * *

plan UK US /plæn/ noun [C]
[C] a set of actions that are intended to achieve a specific aim: a plan/plans to do sth »

The government has launched a $935m plan to create jobs.

a plan/plans for sth »

Plans for a share buyback are expected to be unveiled later this week.

have plans/no plans to do sth »

A representative of the bank said it had no plans to make further cuts in its bonus rates.

under a plan »

A further 2,500 job cuts are planned for this year under a plan to save €1.3bn in costs.

a strategic/financial/marketing plan »

Operations that do not fit the firm's overall strategic plan are currently being sold off.


a restructuring/spending/recovery plan


an ambitious/controversial plan


immediate/long-term/future plans


a three-phase/five-point/ten-year plan

have/come up with/draw up a plan »

You will need to have a plan to cover start-up expenses while you grow your business.

announce/unveil/reveal a plan »

The telecommunications giant yesterday announced a restructuring plan.

outline/formulate/finalize a plan »

Over the next few months, the board will finalize its plans for meeting the 2020 mandate on carbon dioxide emissions.

abandon/shelve/scrap a plan »

Plans to expand into Spain and Portugal were shelved during the recession last year.

keep to/stick to/follow a plan »

By sticking to our original plan, we finally made a success of the business.

approve/back/support a plan »

Ministers meeting in Brussels approved a plan to refinance the project.

agree/adopt/implement a plan »

Get your team around the table and agree a plan of action to give more attention to detail.


oppose/reject a plan


go ahead/press ahead/proceed with a plan

a plan involves/includes sth »

A new €30 million investment plan announced Friday includes the construction of new plants.

a plan fails/succeeds »

Plans to reassure investors failed and shares slipped 3%.

an idea about what you may do in the future: »

What are your plans after you graduate from college?

a plan/plans for sth »

You need to sit down and think about your plans for retirement.

sb's plan is to do sth »

Their plan is to cut income tax for the lower paid.

FINANCE a financial arrangement in which someone regularly saves or invests money: »

a retirement/investment/savings plan

a detailed drawing or diagram of a machine or building that shows the different parts, rooms, etc., including their size and shape: »

A team of architects drew up plans for the new office building.

a drawing of a room or other area that shows the position or arrangement of things inside it: »

a floor/seating plan

See also ACTION PLAN(Cf. ↑action plan), BUSINESS PLAN(Cf. ↑business plan), CAFETERIA PLAN(Cf. ↑cafeteria plan), CONTINGENCY PLAN(Cf. ↑contingency plan), DIVIDEND REINVESTMENT PLAN(Cf. ↑dividend reinvestment plan), EMPLOYEE SHARE OWNERSHIP PLAN(Cf. ↑employee share ownership plan), FLOOR PLAN(Cf. ↑floor plan), HEALTH PLAN(Cf. ↑health plan), PARTY PLAN(Cf. ↑party plan), PENSION PLAN(Cf. ↑pension plan), PLOT PLAN(Cf. ↑plot plan)
plan UK US /plæn/ verb (-nn-)
[I or T] to think about the details of something that will happen in the future: plan a project/mission/campaign »

They spent several months planning the project.

go ahead/happen as planned »

If all goes ahead as planned, the new superstore will open in November.

earlier/longer/less, etc. than planned »

Installing the new computer system has taken far longer than planned.

[I or T] to intend to do a particular thing in the future: »

We're planning a change to our pricing structure.


A number of large residential developments are planned for the area.

plan to do sth »

In February of this year, the company filed for bankruptcy, and it plans to auction its assets in late May.

plan (on) doing sth »

She plans on working as a freelance consultant once she has left her current role.

[I] to think about and make arrangements for things that will happen in the future: »

Job insecurity makes it difficult for people to plan.

plan ahead »

The new tax guide tells you how to plan ahead to keep any tax bills to a minimum.

plan for sth »

Airport bosses are planning for an extension of the current terminal.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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